What is a AC10 Conviction

Failure to stop after an accident

An AC10 conviction code is something that you will receive when you have been caught after failing to stop after being involved in an accident with your vehicle.  Although this endorsement does not involve a large amount of careless or dangerous driving it is definitely something that insurers will not look favouringly upon.  This is down to the fact that just the presence of it being on a license flags up a potential increased risk, some insurers might even out right refuse to give quotes out to drivers that have the AC10 endorsement.

How to land yourself with an AC10

Anyone in control of a motor vehicle on the road or other public place that gets involved in an accident has to stop by law and if there are any persons who have reasonable grounds to gain information they will need to provide them with their name, address and ways of identifying their vehicle if required. If the driver is not the legal owner, they will need to also provide the name and address of the owner.

You must remain at place the accident took place for a reasonable amount of time for any people that may have reasonable grounds to obtain any details that are required from you. You do not have to stay at the scene indefinitely and you do not have to enquire at the scene to find out if there is anyone who is entitled to the statutory information.

Any driver who fails to stop after any accident as stated above will be guilty of the offence.

How it will affect you – Penalties

If you find yourself being convicted due to failing to stop after an accident, the AC10 endorsement that you will receive will stay on your license a total of 4 years from the date of the offence. On top of that you will also get 5-10 points added to your licence, all depending on the severity of your offence.

Note: If you obtain more than 12 points on your driving licence within a period of 3 years, you will receive a driving ban.

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