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Welcome to Insure365, specialist providers in tailored car insurance policies. We remove all the stress of trawling through forms and websites. Our aim is simple: to provide an insurance policy at the most competitive price that meets all of your individual requirements.

We excel in areas that other insurers may find problematic, particularly insurance after a serious motoring offence. We have over 40 years’ experience in all forms of Insurance and will take the time to understand your individual circumstances.

To request a no obligation quotation please call us free on 0800 0282007 (Inc Mobiles) and speak to one of our specialist advisors.

Alternatively, please complete our simple quotation form and we will call you straight back. We completely understand that not everybody is the perfect driver. If you are concerned about anything that would usually be detrimental to the insurance you are offered please do not hesitate to tell us. Unlike other companies, we will not judge you or dismiss your application but instead we will work together to find the best possible insurance for you.

If you choose insurance with us we are committed to providing you with a number of services

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Individual tailored policies

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Friendly personal service from our UK office in the Midlands

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Flexible payment options with as little as 20% deposit

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Specialist policies for convicted drivers

Drink Drivers Insurance

No 1 for insurance for drink drivers ‘More competitive for drink driver insurance than the comparison sites’.

Insure365 are authorised and regulated and have many years’ experience in helping people like you: those with a less than perfect driving history. We specialise in providing cover for drivers that have drink driving ban offences (DR10 Insurance) and are finding it tough to get insurance cover due to the high risk.

Convicted Driver Insurance

We speak to clients with previous convictions all day and everyday and know that often the context of an incident is overlooked making us the ideal insurance company for driving convictions. Everyone’s circumstances are quite different but no matter what we never judge you. Instead, our friendly team of experts will work hard to find you the best (ba10) convicted driver insurance deal so that your worries about costs are alleviated.

Drug Driver Insurance

We specialise in offering drivers who have a record of convictions for things such as attempting to drive while under the influences of drugs above the specified limit or driving under the influence of illegal drugs.

Home Insurance

Insure 365 has taken home insurance back to basics. You’ll only buy the cover options that you need, and from as little as £69 a year. Our policies aim to protect you and your property from disaster or accident.

Speeding Ban Driver Insurance

Unfortunate enough to have been given a driving conviction due to speeding (SP30) and now you are faced with the struggle to find insurance because of this SP-30 speeding conviction, than please give us a call. We are specialists at banned driver insurance and obtaining cover for those who requires speeding ban insurance comes naturally to us.

Driving Without Insurance

Finding insurance to drive a vehicle having committed an offence and received penalty points for driving, been disqualified from driving or if your case goes to court can be difficult. Here at Insure 365 we have access to many motor insurers with many schemes for convicted drivers.

Totting-up Ban Insurance

Shown as TT99 on your driving license, the Totting UP ban can be received by anyone who has been given twelve or more penalty points within a three year period and is granted at the discretion of a court.  Not everybody with that amount of points will receive the ban but it’s more than likely that they will and will then have need of specific TT99 insurance.

We can handle this for you; to properly access the situation all we would need to know are the dates of your driving conviction, the specific types of conviction, amount of points received and what the fine amount were.  Once we have that information we can then approach the insurance companies to arrange cover on your behalf.

Insurance for Banned Drivers

There are all sorts of reasons as to why you have received a driving ban. If you have received one, we have many types of policies to provide banned drivers with car insurance. Insurance companies are available to ensure you have the right cover however they tend to only work with brokers like ourselves that are skilled in assessing each and every individual risk.

Its not easy to get insurance after a ban, but it’s certainly possible.

Have you been convicted of a driving offence? Insurance after a driving ban can certainly be quite an ordeal and it can often feel that your being punished twice. When the ban comes to an end you will probably feel like you have paid your dues and are keen to get behind the wheel again.

Van Insurance

Since the Road Traffic Act it has been against the law to drive a van without insurance. You are legally required to insure against injuring another person (whether they are another driver or a pedestrian) or causing damage to another person’s property.

Whether you use your van for commercial or domestic purposes you van will still be required by law to be insured. The type of van insurance you do opt for however will depend on the purpose your vehicle is used for.