SP30 | Speeding Ban Driver Insurance

Unfortunate enough to have been given a driving conviction due to speeding (SP30) and now you are faced with the struggle to find insurance because of this SP-30 speeding conviction, than please give us a call. We are specialists at banned driver insurance and obtaining cover for those who requires speeding ban insurance comes naturally to us.

Being issued a driving offence on account of speeding can sometimes be the luck of the draw and can often depend on the feelings of the court on the particular day. We do know that certain convictions due to speeding will not always have the outcome of a ban and in return will not set out to increase your premium by a great amount. From our experience going over the legal speed limit by 30 miles per hour can produce a ban but there are regularly conditions where this differs.

Whatever the length of your ban we can help you with speeding ban insurance (SP-30), has your existing insurance company put your premium up or even worse they now won’t give you cover at all, then please get in contact with us to get your insurance quotes today, we are incredibly understanding when speed ban insurance is concerned and are only happy to take a ganders at your case.

Under the road traffic act it is an offence not to have valid insurance in force for a vehicle driven or kept on the public highway. Third party insurance is the minimum legal requirement without this it is illegal to drive. The police also have the power to seize vehicle’s and prosecute uninsured drivers.

Finding insurance to drive a vehicle  having  committed an offence and received penalty points for driving, been disqualified from driving or if your case goes to court can be difficult. Here at Insure365 we have access to many motor insurers with many schemes for convicted drivers . Please feel free to contact us for the initial quote and let us elevate the stress.

So if you are looking for SP-30 insurance, come and talk to Insure365 today – 0800 0282007 (Inc Mobiles)