You could save money on insurance by getting a dashcam

You may have heard of dash mounted cameras or as there more commonly known ‘dashcams’, they have been becoming more a more popular in Britain. Being used for a fair few years now in Russia (you might have seen some of the many YouTube videos out there), since their introduction they have been used to settle a lot of insurance settlements and in most cases in Russia they won’t process a claim unless it is submitted alongside some sort of video evidence.

Now we aren’t quite at that level in UK yet, in fact as mentioned before dash cams have become more popular but only generally for personal use. This is set to change though in coming years as insurance companies start optimising their claims process by introducing discounts for using a dash cam in your car.

The obvious idea behind this is that you can easily prove if you were in the wrong in an accident or altercation on the roads and then in turn process your claim quicker and more efficiently making life simpler for both parties. It will also allow you to keep any no claims you have stacked up safe and sound.

Some companies such as AXA and Swift Cover are already offering a discount for drivers with onboard dash cams (mounting a mobile phone or using a dash cam app on it does not count towards this) and more are sure to follow suit in the future.