Driving Without Insurance (IN10)

A lot of people that are found guilty of driving without insurance have actually done so down to a simple innocent mistake such as a missed payment on their policy or a misunderstanding to what the policy actually covers.

It is not rare for someone who has been charged with IN10 conviction (driving without insurance) to have simply filled in the incorrect information on the policy or to actually have the incorrect type of policy.

The law does not look kindly on drivers without at least 3rd party cover. There are numerous ways a driver might not quite reach the requirement and will then find themselves in hot water with 6-8 points being added to their licence, a potential fine up to £5000 and a possible driving ban because of this offence.

It can be intimidating to have an impending driving ban approaching and it can make it difficult to keep your affairs organised. But these points do expire over time and then it’s time to think about getting back on the road. Though you may find your premiums have gone through the roof and some insurers don’t even want anything to do with you.

In that situation it is best to contact a specialist in convicted car insurance and that is where we come in, at Insure 365 we can provide IN10 car insurance thorough to your precise requirements.