Car Insurance with Criminal Conviction Explained

Are you a convicted driver? Well click here to see some information you might like to know, if your under this umbrella.

It very hard to get the exact figure of how many motorists with a criminal record. Recent FOI request shown us that more than 11million people have a criminal record that is approximately 20% of adult population. There is 45.5million active driving lessons in this country so that means that they could be as many as 10million motorist with a criminal record.

Why is car insurance more expensive for motorists with a criminal record?

A main reason that ex-offenders face higher car insurance premium is due to the lack of competition. Most of the well-known insurance providers just aren’t interested and either flatly refuse to cover or charge high premium. If they have less competition means high costs.

Some criminal conviction such as a motoring offence have an obvious impact on the risk. Many people see it as unfair that people who have only done littering or trespassing are also seen as a risk factor.

 Do I have to declare criminal convictions when getting a car insurance quote?

If you aren’t asked about spent convictions, you don’t have to declare the. Unspent criminal convictions or prosecutions that are still being carried out must legally be disclosed or you may risk invalidating cover or could be committing fraud. Make sure you read the policy small-print fully in detail before taking out cover

Can I get car insurance with a motoring conviction?

Finding reasonable priced car insurance with a motoring conviction is difficult, however it’s not impossible. Risk plays a big part in determining car insurance costs and you can expect to pay a lot more than someone with a clean licence. If you can find the right broker, your premiums needn’t break the bank.

How can I find a reliable broker specialising in car insurance with a criminal record?

We specialise in providing insurance for convicted drivers and will search the market to get the best possible quote. Unlike most insurance comparison websites, we will take the time to understand your circumstances in order to find you the best policy possible.

Our aim is simply to find you the best insurance quote for your vehicle and if you are looking for convicted driving insurance we will not judge your circumstances. For a no obligation quote please contact the friendly team at Insure365 today.

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