What is a DD10 conviction?

You will be issued with a DD10 if you have caused any serious injury from a result of driving dangerously and it will generally be followed with an at-fault claim.

There are various reasons for causing serious injury by dangerous driving and then receiving a DD10, it could be speeding, drinking, distraction or falling asleep at the wheel. Whatever the reason though if it resulted in a serious injury, which is covered by a large range of injuries, a DD10 endorsement will be applied to your licence.

If you are convicted for the aggravated taking of a vehicle, the DD10 endorsement stays on your license for 4 years from the date of your conviction and depending on the circumstances associated with the offence you will also receive 3 to 11 points on your licence. If accumulate more than 12 points on your licence within 3 years then you will find yourself with a driving ban.

As the DD10 endorsement has a life span of 4 years any drivers convicted will have a hard time trying to find a decent deal on their car insurance. Any quotes you do get will more than likely be on the high side as insurers will regard licences that have a DD10 to be of a high risk and will increase premiums as a result.

When shopping for car insurance it is imperative that you disclose any convictions that you have received, failing to do so is in breach of the law and will result in invalidating your insurance policy. Even more so if stopped by the authorities you will be issued with a driving ban, making it even more difficult to find future insurers who are willing to cover you.

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