What is a CU80 conviction?

A CU80 is a newly founded conviction where a driver is caught using a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle. This type of conviction could see penalty points put on the drivers licence and this could also impact on your insurance premium.

Under the new regulations you cannot text, email, use apps or even browse the web on your phone. If you think you are going to be distracted in any way by your mobile phone make sure you put it in the glove compartment or switch it off whilst driving, remember if you are stopped by the Police, you could be charged.

CU80 covers all drivers and all types of road based vehicles that are on the highways of Britain. Whether you drive for a fleet, leasing company or you are a parent dropping off the kids, CU80 legislation applies to all.

If you are stopped and charged you could receive a fixed penalty notice (FPN) which usually is 3 Penalty Points and a £60 fine. The advice we give all our clients is to put your mobile phone out of sight.

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