CD10 Driving offence

A CD10 Driving offence is for a driver that falls below the level of a competent and care, or those who drive without consideration for other road users.

This conviction shows that the driver must have been driving in a way that was not of an acceptable standard of a reasonably competent driver. If you are found guilty of a CD10 driving offence your driving licence could be penalised with between 3 to 9 Penalty Points. You could also receive a fine of up to five thousand pounds. Such fines are means tested and your financial circumstances are taken into account.

The police can charge drivers for a variety of, what they deem to be, ‘poor driving habits’. E.g. The use of a mobile phones whilst driving has had such an impact on drivers, that it warranted its own offence and would be conceived to be a CD10 driving offence.

In the event of a police charge you should always seek professional advice on whether you plead guilty or not guilty. Most reputable solicitors offer free legal advice on this subject. Try to choose a solicitor  that specialises in road traffic laws.

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