What home insurance is right for you

Home insurance is one of those things you hope you will never have to claim on, but if disaster strikes it can be worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately, millions of people are leaving themselves exposed because they don’t have adequate cover. It is estimated that around 6.5m homes are under-insured and, worryingly, some households have no insurance at all! Yet the average home insurance payout is £1,500, and if you are affected by fire or flood damage, repair costs can run into tens of thousands of pounds. Few of us would be in a position to absorb that from our savings. So home insurance is definitely something to be taken seriously. Here are a few things worth considering…

There are two types of home insurance:

Buildings Insurance

Buildings Insurance is household insurance that covers the fabric and structure of your home. Buildings Insurance could pay to rebuild your home should you have a fire or could pay for repairs if your home was damaged by a falling tree for example.

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance on the other hand, protects the things you own. If you had a burglary and things were taken or you suffered a fire or flood, your contents insurance could pay to help you replace your lost or damaged belongings. Losing personal items can sometimes be more stressful and upsetting than damage to your home.

Buildings insurance is essential if you own your home. If you have a mortgage on your home, buildings insurance will be a condition of your mortgage agreement. A mistake many people make when buying a property is that they buy a home insurance policy to start on the day of completion. It is important to have buildings insurance in place from the date you exchange contracts as you then have a financial interest in the property!

It’s also important that you make sure you have enough contents cover! Many people underestimate the value of the contents in their home. We recommend that you go round your home and work out the value of your contents. Common things people underestimate are the value of their clothes and collections, such as music or books. It’s very important to make certain high-value and precious items are properly insured.

Here at Insure 365 we have has taken home insurance back to basics. You’ll only buy the cover options that you need! Our policies aim to protect you and your property from disaster or accident and we have optional extras available to you such as accidental damage cover, personal belongings and household family legal protection.

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