Vaping when driving fines, what you need to know

Police have given warning to motorists regarding the danger involved with the use of e-cigarettes while in the control of a motor vehicle on the road and have even suggested that some might find themselves facing prosecution or a fine.

Straight away let’s address the fact that ‘vaping’ itself is in no way illegal but does fall under the same category as smoking and eating when it comes to driving your vehicle and just like them it is completely up to the judgement of the police officer that is on hand at the time whether they deem your actions as being potentially dangerous.

Police officers can issue fines and punishment at their own discretion, this warning comes after figured released showed approx. 3 million people across the UK use an e-cigarette and the majority of those use it while driving.

Vaping like smoking and eating can cause a potential distraction or reduced visibility the latter being more prominent with the newer sub ohm vaping devices that produce a lot of vapour or ‘clouds’ in turn increasing the risk of crashing.

Drivers should always follow the rules of the Highway Code, exercising appropriate control over their vehicle and should avoid any distractions, including vaping. If it is determined that you have been distracted by your e-cigarette you may be charged with a driving without due care and attention, which can result in disqualification and 3 – 9 points on your licence or a fine of up to £2,500.

If you are vaping while driving its advised to have the window down at least a little and to try and blow the vapour directly out of it, while ensuring you are still in complete control of the vehicle of course.

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