Van Insurance

Since the Road Traffic Act it has been against the law to drive a van without insurance. You are legally required to insure against injuring another person (whether they are another driver or a pedestrian) or causing damage to another person’s property.

Whether you use your van for commercial or domestic purposes you van will still be required by law to be insured. The type of van insurance you do opt for however will depend on the purpose your vehicle is used for.

Types of cover

If you own a van then you will need to cover it just as you have to cover any car that you own. The basic types of cover are the same as with car insurance:

Van_banner3 Van Insurance

Third Party Only

Van_banner3 Van Insurance

Third Party, Fire, and Theft

Van_banner3 Van Insurance

Fully Comprehensive

Van Insurance classifications

When you have decided which type of cover you are going to choose, you then need to work out which classification of van insurance you need. Whereas you have a lot of freedom over which type of cover to choose, the classification that you insure for must be legally correct. There are 3 classifications:

Van_banner3 Van Insurance

Carriage of own goods

Van_banner3 Van Insurance

Carriage of goods for hire or reward

Van_banner3 Van Insurance


Remember to get your van valued if you are seeking new van insurance. If you mistakenly believe that the vehicle is worth more money than it actually is then you will have difficulty finding an insurer who is interested in helping you and you will pay a higher premium than you should.

We also have insurance specialist’s schemes for 17-24 years old who require van insurance at a reasonable price. (Most occupations are consistent with the requirements needed to qualify for this type of insurance).

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