Totting Up Ban Insurance | TT99

If you have been banned from driving due to the totting up of points, then Insure 365 will be able to help.

Shown as TT99 on your driving license, the Totting UP ban can be received by anyone who has been given twelve or more penalty points within a three year period and is granted at the discretion of a court.  Not everybody with that amount of points will receive the ban but it’s more than likely that they will and will then have need of specific TT99 insurance.

We can handle this for you; to properly access the situation all we would need to know are the dates of your driving conviction, the specific types of conviction, amount of points received and what the fine amount were.  Once we have that information we can then approach the insurance companies to arrange cover on your behalf.

As we are specialists in convicted driving insurance, we are only happy to utilise our expertise and knowledge to organise TT99 insurance cover and don’t be worried about any details of your ban, were sure it won’t shock us.

In some rare circumstances it is possible to plead exceptional hardship (would the ban impact your life beyond a level that would normally be expected?) in court for these types of cases.

If you would like to enquire about totting up insurance & want to know more about this conviction then, please call us or enquiry via our enquiry form.