New Mobile Laws in the UK

NEW mobile phone laws for using your phone whilst driving come into place this month; in this blog we will be explaining what the new law is and how it will affect you.

In the UK we already have a law in place about Using mobile phones when driving which was put in place in 2003; unfortunately thousands of motorists are caught every year in the UK still using their mobile phones whilst driving.

With this new law, motorists who have had their licences for less than two years will be banned if they use their phone while driving. This means that newly qualified drivers will lose their licence if caught, which will mean they  will have to apply for a new provisional licence and pass both the practical and theory driving tests all over again!

For motorists who have held a licence for over two years your penalty points would have doubled to six points and the fine would have doubled up to £200.

Take note that this law still applies even if you are stopped at traffic lights, queuing in traffic or if the engine is running.

RoSPA believe that the instant ban for new drivers will make them more responsible on the road, with this being said police forces across the country will be increasing patrols and cracking down.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling MP had this to say … “Our message is simple and clear; do not get distracted by your mobile phone while driving. It may seem innocent, but holding and using your phone at the wheel risks serious injury and even death to yourself and other road users.