New driving laws for 2018

In 2018 there is going to be a change to who’s’ allowed to drive on the motorway. That’s right they are going to be allowing learner drivers to actually be able to drive on them before passing their test.

This should help to make more first time drivers a lot more confident with the idea and in turn making them safer along the way. At the moment the only way for them to do this is to take a voluntary additional course after passing their driving test.

How it works

The change when in effect will apply England Scotland and Wales, and learner drivers will have to be accompanied by a qualified driving instructor and be in a duel controlled car. All lessons on a motorway will be voluntary and will not be undertaken until the instructor feels the inductee is at an adequate level to do so.

When it’s happening

The exact date has not yet been announced but will be confirmed closer to the time, and it will be well published to give both learners and instructors the knowledge to prepare for the change and for other general road users to become aware and to know what to expect.

These changes are ultimately being made to allow learners to be able to learn and become comfortable joining and leaving the motorway, overtaking and changing lanes safely and getting a general broader experience and knowledge of safe driving.

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