Moving home? Here are our top 5 tips…

Moving home is often assumed to be a stressful nightmare that most people would rather avoid. However, with the right preparation it can be an immensely exciting and agreeable experience for you and your family. Have a look at our top 5 tips to enjoying a stress-free move:

  1. Dump the junk…

Moving home is the perfect opportunity to sort out your belongings. As you are packing you will come across all sorts of items that you and your family can dispose of such as clothes that you haven’t worn in years, toys that children have outgrown, unused crockery and gadgets that nobody needs. Be ruthless: don’t hold onto things for the sake of it!

  1. Protect fragile items

Breaking valuable items –those worth a lot in money or sentimentally- is not a great way to start your new life so make sure that you protect everything that could possibly break on its journey to your new location. Bubble wrap all fragile items and protect beloved garments inside special clothing packaging.

  1. Label everything

The more you label, the easier it is to unpack. Label all bathroom belongings “bathroom-parents” or “bathroom-kids” so they can be unpacked immediately. Likewise, label pottery, crockery, utensils, tools, loft items such as Christmas decorations, etc and tag each bag with the name of the room where it is destined; the more detail, the easier it is to unpack.

  1. Decide room arrangements ASAP

The last thing you need on arrival is a squabble over whose room is whose: if you have children this should be decided as early as possible to avoid disappointment or arguments.

  1. Hire a van

Last but not least, when you move home you will be shocked by just how much stuff you actually have. Instead of relying solely on your removal company, you should consider hiring a van to move the items that you are particularly precious about, or want to access immediately.

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