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Driving in the snow

Looking for advice on how to drive in the snow safely and doing all the right things in preparation for your journey? You in the right place, here are a few things you should do before heading out in the snow.

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Car Insurance with Criminal Conviction Explained

Are you a convicted driver? Well click here to see some information you might like to know, if your under this umbrella.

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Your cold and flu remedy could land you with a driving ban

It’s cold and flu season again and if you’re unfortunate enough to have had a dose you may have opted for an over the counter decongestant or cough syrup to alleviate some of the discomfort.

You may be surprised to learn that over the counter remedies could land you with a hefty fine and even a ban from driving altogether under drug driving laws.

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How to Save Money on Your MOT

Whilst your MOT test may be relatively low cost, the price can soon add up if your car ends up needing work in order to be compliant. What car mechanics probably don’t want drivers to know is that you can actually keep the costs of your car maintenance low if you follow simple tips like these. As a result, you also save money on your next MOT too!

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Are comparison websites holding back information about your car insurance policy?

A recent Which? survey revealed that there could be discrepancies in the policies offered by car insurance brands on leading comparison websites.  Here we’ll uncover what evidence was found and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Learner drivers on the motorway

From Monday 4th of June 2018, learner drivers will be able to take driving lessons on the motorway in England, Scotland and also Wales.

This will make sure more drivers know how to use motorways safely and correctly.

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Pavement Parking

As a driver you could soon find yourself being fined for parking on the pavement under plans being considered by the Department of Transport. At the moment London is the only part of the UK where parking on the pavement is banned and where as £70 fine will be issued for doing so.

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Penalty Points Explained

The courts can ‘endorse’ your driving record with penalty points and issue you with a fine if you are convicted of a motoring offence.

Endorsements are required to stay on your driving record for either 11 or 4 years, depending on the offence.

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MOT exemption for cars over 40 years old

The DFT (Department for Transport) have stated that classic cars that are older than 40 years will be exempt from MOT testing. Owners electing for an MOT only if they feel their car needs one with the exception of those that had been ‘substantially changed’ within the past thirty years.

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Vaping when driving fines, what you need to know

Police have given warning to motorists regarding the danger involved with the use of e-cigarettes while in the control of a motor vehicle on the road and have even suggested that some might find themselves facing prosecution or a fine.

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What is a LC Conviction?

It can certainly be difficult to find cheap car insurance if you have an LC20. LC20s are defined as driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence. Basically this conviction is received for driving a vehicle whilst using a provisional licence without an adult (that carries a licence) present at the time that the offence took place. You could expect to receive between 3 and 6 points depending on the situation.

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New driving laws for 2018

In 2018 there is going to be a change to who’s’ allowed to drive on the motorway. That’s right they are going to be allowing learner drivers to actually be able to drive on them before passing their test.

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What is a DD10 conviction?

You will be issued with a DD10 if you have caused any serious injury from a result of driving dangerously and it will generally be followed with an at-fault claim.

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What is a AC10 Conviction

Failure to stop after an accident

An AC10 conviction code is something that you will receive when you have been caught after failing to stop after being involved in an accident with your vehicle.  Although this endorsement does not involve a large amount of careless or dangerous driving it is definitely something that insurers will not look favouringly upon.  This is down to the fact that just the presence of it being on a license flags up a potential increased risk, some insurers might even out right refuse to give quotes out to drivers that have the AC10 endorsement.

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What is a CU80 conviction?

A CU80 is a newly founded conviction where a driver is caught using a mobile phone while driving a motor vehicle. This type of conviction could see penalty points put on the drivers licence and this could also impact on your insurance premium.

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What is a black box?

What is a Black Box? Often known as Telematics, The Black Box is fitted to your vehicle, it will always be on and will not affect the vehicles performance. It usually is in a tamper proof, sealed box. Vehicles fitted with a black box will help your car insurance, Black box car insurance policies works […]

How driving convictions can impact car insurance?

We thought we would take a look into how driving convictions and endorsements can affect the cost of your car insurance.

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Different ways to get cheaper car insurance

Failure to look around for the best car insurance premium may result in you paying more, Here’s a quick overview to help you get the best deal.

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Driving In Hail

Motoring Offences