How to Save Money on Your MOT

Whilst your MOT test may be relatively low cost, the price can soon add up if your car ends up needing work in order to be compliant. What car mechanics probably don’t want drivers to know is that you can actually keep the costs of your car maintenance low if you follow simple tips like these. As a result, you also save money on your next MOT too!

Look after your brakes

Braking is one of the top three reasons why cars fail their MOT. Whilst maintaining your brakes through servicing is crucial, you can make them last longer by simply avoiding sudden braking and driving as smoothly as possible. Sudden braking can wear out your car’s brake pads, not to mention affecting your tyre tread too. By braking slowly and smoothly, you could save yourself the expense of repairing or replacing your brakes when your it’s time for your MOT.

Check your lights

Another common reason why cars fail their MOT is due to lighting and signalling issues. By regularly checking your lights, you may be able to spot simple problems that could cause your car to fail, but are easily solvable before your test. Begin by checking if your rear and front lights work as they should, as well as doing regular checks on your headlights, hazards and indicators. Make sure your indicator coating is still secure too.

Use your manual

Your car’s manual will tell you everything you need to know about car’s service and parts replacement intervals. By understanding when it’s time to change certain parts, you can stay ahead of common maintenance issues which could cause you to fail your MOT.

Look at your tyre tread

Tyres are another common reason for failure. In fact, in order to pass an MOT test, your car tyres will have to have at least 1.6 millimeters of tread on each one. Anything less than this could mean you automatically fail, regardless of the rest of your car’s condition. An easy trick to test if your tyres still have the safe amount of tread left, is t push a 20p coin into the tyre to see if the outer edge of the coin is still visible. If you can see the rim, you must replace your tyres – which you should try and do before your MOT test.

Final word

As your car gets older, it is likely that it will need regular maintenance to keep everything working as it should. Rather than waiting for your MOT test to find out the problems your car may have, why not follow these tips and check it over regularly to spot anything you could do to save you money in the long run. If you’re looking to save money elsewhere on your car, why not talk to us about our insurance policies on 0800 0282007 or fill in our form for an immediate call back.

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