How to drive safely in high winds

Recently our beloved country is being continually hit by a series of storms, mostly in the west midlands. Motorists will need to take extra care on the roads as a sudden gust of wind can push vehicles off course and any flying debris in a storm can be dangerous.

Below are some of the steps you must take to ensure that that you arrive safely at your destination:

The Weather Forecast

When planning your journey, it is best to always check the weather forecast for that day. However If high winds are predicted consider rescheduling your journey until the weather has calmed down.

The Unexpected 

As we all know, Storms can be unpredictable as when driving on the roads when in a storm a random gust of wind can seemingly come out of nowhere, so make sure that you are being extra vigilant when driving

Beware of loose objects 

Keep your eyes peeled for debris on the road or anything that could cause accidents, such as branches to wheelie bins.

Drive Cautiously 

It is best to drive slow when in windy conditions as slowing down will give you more time to react to any hazards in the way

Wide Berth

Make sure that you give a wide berth for any vehicles especially for cyclists and motorcyclists as they are more vulnerable to high winds and should be given extra space when passing.

Get a Grip 

When driving in windy conditions always keep a firm grip on the steering wheel to maintain complete control of your vehicle.

We hope that these points have given you a greater inside into how to drive safely in high winds, what to avoid and what to do in these situations