DG10 – Drug Driver Insurance

There is no judgement at Insure 365 and we completely understand that not all cases of drug driving convictions are due to the use of illegal substances. Some cases can be down to driving with prescribed medication in your system at levels in excess of the specified limits. Such medicines as oxazepam and diazepam are 2 examples that could lead to a conviction if doses are not properly regulated.

We specialise in offering drivers who have a record of convictions for things such as attempting to drive while under the influences of drugs above the specified limit or driving under the influence of illegal drugs.

If you are struggling to find a car insurance policy to suit your needs down to having a drug driving conviction (DR80, DG10), then please get in contact so we can assess your situation for you.

Our specialist team would be thrilled to help organise cover for you if you have unfortunately acquired a DG10 or any other drug related conviction. There is a selection of schemes in place to aid with drug driving convictions so we are confident that we can get you a great competitive rate and get you back on the tarmac as rapidly and as smoothly as we can.