Different ways to get cheaper car insurance

Failure to look around for the best car insurance premium may result in you paying more, Here’s a quick overview to help you get the best deal.

  1. Keep your eyes peeled and look around for the best deal…

Potentially you could save many hundreds of pounds if you shop around for car insurance cover. Be careful however to compare like for like quotes, as some may appear better value than others but do not give adequate cover.


  1. Who is on the policy? Make sure that only regular drivers are on the policy. You can always add other drivers in the future, if required.


  1. Protect your no claims bonus. Long no claims bonuses are the best way to cut your car insurance. It may increase your premium but this is definitely worthwhile doing as protects you against the potential loss of a 90% discount on a premium of many hundred pounds.
  2. Increase your voluntary excess. If you agree to pay more towards the cost of any accidental repairs this will reduce your premiums. If the fault is not yours the excess can be recouped.


  1. Secure your vehicle. Alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices can ensure you get a further discount of around 5%. Newer cars have these as standards so make sure you state it when applying for insurance.



  1. Do less miles. The less miles you do, the greater the savings. Be careful though, you need to be honest about your annual mileage as getting it wrong will put your claim at risk.

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