How driving convictions can impact car insurance?

We thought we would take a look into how driving convictions and endorsements can affect the cost of your car insurance.

Effectively the Police will issue you with a driving conviction if you are caught breaking the law

It’s essential that you tell your insurer if you have a driving conviction as they take this into account when calculating your car insurance. The laws are there to help keep motorists, pedestrians and cyclists safe.

Racking up multiple driving convictions can have serious ramifications on your ability to get adequate car insurance both now and in the future.

How they impact your quotation

If you have a conviction you are seen “in the eyes of the insurer” as potentially a greater risk. Subsequently this will be reflected in your quotation.

The premium will be increased depending on these factors:-

  1. Type of conviction
  2. Vehicle type
  3. Your Age
  4. Insurance companies policy on convictions.

The nature and type of the conviction

Each insurance company will look at  the facts differently. For example, drink driving would increase your insurance more significantly than a solitary speeding offence and will definitely result in a larger premium.

Points on your Licence 

The duration for how long points will remain on your licence depends on the driving conviction that you have been charged with.
It could vary, anything from 4 years to something like a serious speeding or dangerous driving offence to 11 years.

Previous driving convictions

Some insurance companies request details of any driving convictions that you have received in the past five years, remember, it is also illegal to withhold any such information.
If you don’t disclose information and you make a claim your claim could be invalid and your insurance company can refuse the pay out.
They could also make an additional charge for the conviction and also not authorise the claim until the charge has been paid.

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