Car cloning – a real threat

When we say cloning you may think about dolly the sheep but were not on about that sort of cloning here, this type of cloning isn’t going to help medical science in any way it just cause unesserery woe to some good people.

Vehicle cloning in the UK is on the rise according to experts and buyers are being warned to be weary when purchasing to avoid losing out on their hard earned cash.

Police in Yorkshire has already caught one cloning ring that is reported to have carried out over 2million pounds worth of fraud.

What does cloning involve you ask, well cloning is basically when a vehicle is stolen and then in effect then given a new identity by the criminals in question. They will then go on to disguise the 17 digit VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and will use a stolen V5 logbook to further cover up its identity. This way they make it a lot more difficult to check that a vehicle has been obtained illegally.

Often the people cloning the vehicles have the intention of using them to commit a crime but to avoid prosecution as the vehicle they are driving will appear to be registered to an innocent party, so even if you have not fallen victim to purchasing a cloned vehicle you could potentially be the victim of false accusations from someone cloning your own vehicle.

If you are buying a second-hand car it is already recommended but because of cloning now even more to use an HPI check it may seem like a bit much but being too trusting in this situation and buying the vehicle at face value could end up costing you. Check the V5 logbook is a genuine one and view the vehicle at the address that is the registered keepers address in the handbook. Also be weary if the vehicle is being sold at less than 50% of its market value and if possible avoid paying cash.

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that if you do end up buying a stolen vehicle because of cloning, if the vehicle is identified at a later date to have been cloned you will face the reality of having to return it to its rightful owner and will not get reimbursed for any money lost from purchasing it in the first place.