Prepare your vehicle for winter

Apart from all the rain that we are expecting here in England, we all must get ready for winter as it’s just right round the corner. It’s not just buying warmer layers of clothing and dusting off the central heating remote but also our cars that must be fully prepped before it gets dark and frosty for thos bleak drives in to work.

This being said it’s still best to go to a mechanic to get your car checked out and serviced, however if time is against you, check out these points below to point you in the right direction.

Check your car battery 

Checking your car battery is very important as you don’t want to be left stranded in the snow waiting for the breakdown service to come get you. If your battery voltage is less than 12.45 volts (75 percent charged), it is low and should be recharged

You can check your car battery with either a Voltmeter, Power Probe or by simply turning your engine on.

Tyre Pressure & Tread

Another important one, you will have to make sure that you have the correct pressure in your tyres. If the pressure in your tyres is low it will affect your steering & handling and may even cause your tyres to explode!

The tread in your tyres is imperative as you will need the grip for the icy roads, Tyre Pressure & Tread go hand in hand with each other so make sure that your wheels are up to scratch. If your tread is shallower than 1.6mm you must get your tyres replaced at a garage.

Windscreen & Wipers 

It is advised that you purchase windscreen wipers that can cut through snow and ice instead of using stock wipers that came with your car, that being said, another thing to look out for is your wiper fluid. Being in winter the cold weather may freeze the fluid and nozzle, so always double check it’s still in working order.

It’ll be a good idea to stock up on a good de-icer as they are an effective way of removing frost and ice quickly from your car in the morning.

Hopefully when winter hits your car will be more than prepared to survive the wintery conditions, so stay safe on the roads.